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Greece Santorini Oia (Ia) Atlantida villas Hotel
Frequently asked questions

Santorini Hotel Atlantida: All that you need to know about the Oia hotel.


1. About Reservations

How can I add a special request for my reservation room ?

Through your reservation process at the online system or through your request via the email contact form: you can enter any special requests about your room into the text box by the name "Comments".

How i can reserve a room in the hotel ?

There are several ways to make a reservation to our hotel, two very easy ways are:
  • You can book a room through our online booking system to the following web address
  • By sending us a credit card (Visa or Master card) - Number and the expire date, by email or by fax (Number 0030 22860 28633).

How can i send a email to your hotel ?

We advise you to use our hotel pages with the contact forms by the names or you can send us email through your "mail box software" by using the following email address: However, if you have any questions about your stay please don't hesitate to contact with us any time.

How can I find more information about a suitable room for my stay ?

There are several ways to get all the necessary informations about our rooms, we advise you to visit the contents at the following web sites "", "" and "". All the above web addresses belong to the hotel Atlantida Villas and through them web pages you will have all that you need to know as photos, rooms descriptions, rates etc.

Can I raise the capacity of my room ?

All the room type apartment, suites, top level studios, top level suites and studios are include traditional sofas beds which that can be used as an extra beds, (raising the capacity of each unit). Each extra person is considered with an additional charge.

How can I ask extra bedding for my reservation ?

Yes is possible, You can contact with us to review your request at the email:

Can I ask an additional service as "Flowers or Wine" for my booking ?

You can contact with us by using the email of the property:

Can I ask an additional service as "Transfer arrangement" for my reservation ?

Yes, the hotel arrange for you a transfer from the airport or from the Athinios port. First of all you must to provide us same necessary information's. It must send to us by email the specific time of your arrival on the island, with the number of your flight or the company name of the boat in case you arrive through the port.

What about Check out and Check in ?

All clients should respect the timetable of the hotel, check out and check in time.
  • Check out: 11:30
  • Check In: 12:30
  • If i haven't informed the hotel can i still delete my check out ?

    In any deliberate delay of a customer during the check out, the hotel reserves the right to set a additional charge.

    Up on my arrival can i make early check in ?

    Is possible, however this is up on request and only if there is a early departure of the previews clients.

    2. About Rates & Special offers

    Are the rates per person or per room ?

    All prices listed on the are per room and per night, the capacity of each room is displayed in the column called "Accommodation's Rates" on the rooms listing.

    What is included in my room rate ?

    All the room rate(s) are in euro and include all taxes, city taxes VAT & breakfast.

    I have choice a room type what next ?

    You can reserve the room online through our online system or by sending us a credit card details, (Visa or Master card) - Number and the expire date, note in order to secure your booking required a deposit 25 % of the total cost. The remaining amount will be paid upon departure at the front desk.

    What about special offers ?

    Active special offers and deals you can find at the following web-page link: important note all the offers are valid only for reservations made directly with Atlantida Villas.

    Can i get a special offers through an online system or a travel agency ?

    No, all the special offers are valid only for bookings directly with the Atlantida.

    Is better to make a booking directly with the Atlantida Villas ?

    By making your booking directly with the Atlantida through mean that you avoid any kind of commission fees and extra charge to your room rate many travel agents & wellknown online booking systems charge up to 15% - 20% per booking.

    Can i request a additional deal or offer for my stay to the Atlantida ?

    Yes it's possible, based to our flexible booking policy we can review your request, however please note: that the hotel reserve the right to accept or to refuse your request.

    3. About the Atlantida hotel

    I like to book a romantic room, do you have any proposal ?

    Our romantic rooms ''Top level suites'' which are lies at the highest levels of the hotel are recommended for honeymooners & couples, from your private balcony clients will have a unique views over the Sunset of Oia and a circular panoramic view to the sea and the volcano.

    The rooms have view to the sea ?

    All the rooms include private balconies and terraces facing the sea (Caldera and the volcano of Santorini), as well view to the famous Oia sunset. Note: We guarantee, from your balcony you will have an amazing view of the cliffs and to the sea (Caldera).! Otherwise your total accommodation will be free of charge.!

    Where exactly is located the hotel ?

    The hotel situated at the begging of the Oia village on the Oia cliffs just a sort walk from the village center (10m).

    Around the hotel what i expect to find ?

  • Baxedes (The nearest beach of Oia): 2,5 km
  • Super market: 100 meters.
  • The closer restaurant(s): Just outside of the property.
  • Bus station: next to the complex.
  • Santorini Airport (Monolithos): 18 km
  • Santorini Port (Athinios): 20 km
  • The phone number of the Atlantida hotel ?

  • Tel. 0030 22860 71319
  • Fax. 0030 22860 28633
  • How i can arrive at the hotel ?

    The cheaper way is to use the local bus (KTEL), the cost is 1.70 euro. The second way is to take a taxi, the cost for this is 25 to 30 euro. Note if you arrive to Athinios port (The main port of Santorini) or from the Santorini airport it must take a local bus to Fira with the cost 1.80 euro.

    Where i can find the hotel address ?

    In Santorini no support addresses, is reccommended to ask the residents.

    4. Hotel Availability

    How i can see the availability of the property ?

    You can see the availability in real time through our online booking system to the following web address Important note: we advice the web-users for the periods "high season (June & July)" and "Peak season (August)" to send as well a request through the email.

    Through the online i see "No room available" what i do ?

    We recommend to send email in our reservation department because there are available rooms all the times, based to our booking policy.

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